Human Rights Day 2014: Gay Ugandans 'need a global response, not sanctions'

Published: December 10, 2014

Ludovica Iaccino
Original Article:

The Ugandan government is trying to implement a new anti-gay bill, months after the previous one was annulled by the constitutional court.

As Ugandan parliamentarians ensured the bill will be most certainly passed in December, to give a "Christmas present to people", gay rights activists have been warning that, if turned into law, the proposal would allow the persecution not only of homosexuals, but also of anyone suspected of supporting homosexuality.

Homosexuality is already a crime in Uganda. However the new proposed law criminalises:

Members of the LGBT community who will risk seven years’ imprisonment and the exclusion from employment due to the criminalisation of those who ‘aid and abet’ the promotion of homosexuality.

People who own property in which "unnatural sexual practices" occur.

Activists and advocates in the LGBTI community who will be also banned from publishing, broadcasting and distributing of information "intended to facilitate" homosexuality or providing funding that is viewed as promoting homosexuality.

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