Human Papilloma virus genotype diversity of anal infection among trans (male to female transvestites, transsexuals or transgender) sex workers in Argentina.

Published: April 19, 2011



Reports on the prevalence and genotypes of HPV among trans (male to female transvestites, transsexuals or transgender) sex workers (TSW) are scarce in the literature.


The aim of the study was to determine the infecting HPV genotypes among TSW in Argentina.


119 TSW were recruited. Anal cells were self collected with a cytobrush. HPV DNA detection was carried out by PCR and genotyping was performed by RLB.


HPV prevalence was 97.4%. 103/111 HPV positive samples were genotyped. High risk genotypes were detected in 82.5%. Two or more coinfecting HPV genotypes were found in 70.9%. One case showed up to 10 different coinfecting types. The number of genotypes was not related to condom usage. Infection rates were similar for HIV positive (100%) and HIV negative (95.8%) participants. However, 18.8% of HIV negative had 4-9 different genotypes, while among HIV positive this percentage raised to 46.2% (p=0.006). Prevalence of high risk genotypes and the frequency of each high risk type were similar between HIV positive and HIV negative groups. According to the participants’ answers HIV status showed no association with condom usage.


The high HPV prevalence, the coinfection with multiple genotypes and the high frequency of high risk genotypes detected, together with a situation of extreme social marginalization, discrimination and stigmatization make this population to be of extreme vulnerability.

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