How to stop HIV spreading in Zambia's prisons

Published: April 30, 2010

How to stop HIV spreading in Zambia’s prisons

Bright spent two years in Zambia’s Lusaka Central Prison for selling cannabis but fears he now faces a life sentence.

"I did it because of hunger," says Bright softly.

"There’s not much food in prison. Sex has become the way of payment."

"Conditions were bad," he remembers. "We had nshima [maize meal] and beans two times a day. I never felt full."

One day, the cell "captain" gave Bright extra food, then asked him for sex.

"I had never had sex with a man, but I did it. The first time it was painful, but I joined a group of maybe 20 men who did that.

"Mainly they were people who were condemned, or who had been jailed for 25 years. They hadn’t seen women for a long time."

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