How to help victims of anti-gay laws in Zambia

Published: October 22, 2013

How can people help those who are facing criminal charges in Zambia on the basis of their sexual orientation or their advocacy of LGBT rights?

The Southern Africa Litigation Center has a suggestion — write to your government to find out what your embassy in Zambia is doing on this issue.
“Embassies are involved in behind-the-scenes lobbying, but this could be stepped up. … Even if the embassy cannot call on the government to intervene in the trial, it can call on the government to ensure that the trial is speedily concluded,” an SALC activist says.
That strategy would probably be more effective than writing directly to the Zambian government, she says.  After all, Zambian officials are wary of outside pressure and many of them think that the idea of LGBT rights is part of a Western conspiracy.

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