Hong Kong's Pride: Connie Chan

Published: October 27, 2009

Hong Kong’s Pride: Connie Chan

Fridae.com’s Hong Kong correspondent Nigel Collett meets Connie Chan Man-wai, pre-eminent local activist and Chief Director of Hong Kong Pride 2009. 

Connie Chan is not in the business of blowing her own trumpet. That she has been at least involved in, and occasionally has certainly been the direct cause of, almost every political development that has involved Hong Kong’s tongzhi community over the last decade, she sees as just something pretty normal. For it is the struggle to which she has devoted her life. Not that she’s going to give herself any credit for it, and I confess that I had to sneakily use her role as Chief Director of this year’s Hong Kong Pride to get her to talk to me and to open up about herself and her achievements.

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