Homophobic attack in a gay night club in Amman!

Published: November 1, 2010

Every Thursday night, there is a gay friendly party at the Marmara hotel, Amman. At last Thursday’s Halloween party (28/10/2010), around 3am, the two bouncers suddenly pulled out a gun and a knife announcing: “Get out of here within two minutes; otherwise you will be shot with this gun! Don’t ever come back here again or you will be beaten up!” Then they started to vandalise the place and cursed gays with abusive and derogatory terms. Everyone ran out of the club thankfully no one was shot. The people that run the parties know exactly who was responsible and a report was given to the police. However, until this evening (Monday night) no arrests have been made.

One party goer who was present during the attack said to GME: “The whole incident was awful and very scary. We barely have a handful of places to go. We really need to feel protected in such venues!”

Unverified reports/rumours say that one man was beaten up by the bouncers when he was discovered in the bathroom.

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