Homophobia: That's So Gay

Published: August 5, 2010

On a 38-week long crusade around Australia to challenge and change how we deal with homophobia, Daniel Witthaus said his ‘That’s So Gay’ tour is “less Priscilla Queen of the Desert and more like the Leyland Brothers”.

Daniel is travelling to remote towns to take a modern snapshot of what life is like for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in regional Australia. His mission is to explode the myths about homosexuality and help people lobby for change in our education systems and in how society perceives and deals with homophobia.

“I am one gay man in one gay truck called Bruce (which has its own Facebook page),” Daniel said. “All I do is sit down and have a cup of tea with people and chat. I deal with homophobia one cup at a time.”

-Full text available at link below-

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