Homophobia and AIDS in Islam

Published: August 1, 2008

Homophobia and AIDS in Islam

Issues: Islam considers homosexuality as contrary to nature, and strictly forbidden. The Quran, the hadith and the fiqh are also a source of homophobia in the Islamic culture.
This study aims at examining the hypothesis that homophobia in Islam could be one of the reasons why AIDS prevalence rates in Muslim countries are lower than in other religions nations.

Description: The research is organised into three sections. Part one reminds the positions of Islam (the society, the government, the religious communities, the medical system,…). In the second part, I will show how homophobia is one reason among others that could explain the apparent safe situation of the Muslim communities in the world. The mast part of the study will be in terms of prospects, and tries to imagine how can be the situation in the coming years, in an Islamic world subject to the pressures of globalisation, but in the same time to the re-emergence of extremist Islamic thoughts.

Lessons learned: The lessons learnt are the following : it is true that homophobia plays a protective role in the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Muslim world, but this will not last, for many reasons : the Young Muslims are changing their minds, they are opening to modernisation and globalisation, and things are going to change rapidly in the coming years.

Next steps: This brief overview of the Islamic philosophy on homosexuality makes it immediately evident that there is a vast interpretative and analytical potential offered to sociologic studies on this still mysterious issue.
There is a clear necessity to go deeper into this field, a complex field but one that can provide a wealth of information, if we abandon the simple idea of physical pleasure and hostility towards homosexuality.

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