Home of South Africa's Consitutional Court to Host Queer Love Human Rights Event

Published: October 14, 2011

Constitution Hill, probably South Africa’s most important heritage site, wants to pay homage to the LGBTI community with an event themed Ensure That Queer Love Is a Human Right.

Set for October 28 between 10am and 1pm, the event will feature two discussions focussing on the LGBTI community. These will be, ‘The excuse term “corrective rape” as perpetrators uses it’ and ‘Does homosexuality mean being un-African?’

A press statement signed by Nkunzi Nkabinde of Constitution Hill, which also houses the Behind the Mask offices said, “As a living museum, Constitution Hill cannot dissociate itself from the past and present circumstances, therefore Constitution Hill is envisaging at hosting an event on October 28, 2011 which will focus on the right of LGBTI in South Africa.”

The statement said, “The event is aimed at providing South Africans with an opportunity to voice their frustrations against homophobia and discrimination experienced by gays, lesbians, and other minority groups in South Africa.”

Nkabinde added, “The question that’s being asked, “Is there pride when our brothers and sisters are being killed because of their sexual orientation?”

Previously the site of a notorious prison, Constitution Hill is now a people place made welcoming by remarkable architecture and design.

During the apartheid era ordinary people were incarcerated there for minor offences such as failing to carry a pass.

These thousands of ordinary citizens included the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson ‘’Rolihlahla” Mandela, Robert Sobukwe, Simon Nkoli, Albertina Sisulu, Fatima Meer, Esther Barsel, etc.

Many were imprisoned at Number Four or the Old Fort because they resisted injustices and human rights violations.

The site that once stood firmly and supported segregation and later apartheid is today the Home of the Constitutional Court the highest court in the land on constitutional matters.

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