HIV rates on the up (4% drop in new infections among MSM)

Published: October 20, 2010

HIV infections have increased by almost five percent nationally since 2008, fuelled by a jump in heterosexual infections.

The Annual Surveillance Report on Bloodborne Viruses and Sexually Transmitted Infections showed the number of new infections in men who have sex with men in NSW dropped around four percent.

However overall numbers for NSW were up from 323 to 327 due to an increase in heterosexual infections.

The University of Western Sydney data reported 1,050 new diagnoses nationally in 2009, a nearly five percent jump on 2008’s figure of 1001, but only two more than in 2007.

HIV diagnoses in Australia hit a high watermark of 2400 new cases in 1986, trending down to 1000 new infections in 1993 before stabilising at around 700 new cases a year through the late 1990s.

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