HIV Planning Councils – Implications for Latinx Gay and Bisexual Men

A New Technical Brief by Fijate Bien

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As funding for planning purposes from the Ending the HIV Epidemic initiative arrives into local jurisdictions in the United States, there is a unique opportunity to engage or reengage Latinx gay and bisexual men in this critical process.

This new technical brief offers recommendations for CDC and HRSA, Health Departments, Planning Bodies and CBOs are not only necessary but also timely in order to effectively address the increase in HIV infection among Latinx gay and bisexual men and the limited access to HIV care and treatment and consequently low viral suppression rates among Latinx people living with HIV & AIDS.

Latinx gay and bisexual men advocates need to demand A SEAT AT THE TABLE, in prevention planning councils, in joint planning councils, in integrated planning councils, in health departments, in EHE planning efforts and at the level of CDC and HRSA.

Advocates should demand for the RESOURCES TO ENSURE FULL AND MEANINGFUL PARTICIPATION OF LATINX GAY AND BISEXUAL MEN in prevention planning councils, joint planning councils, integrated planning councils, EHE planning councils, health departments and at the level of CDC and HRSA.

Download The Technical Brief Here

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