History made as gay man stands for Kenyan Senate

Published: October 10, 2010

Kenya could become the second African country* to have an elected out gay politician. David Kuria, the director of GALCK, the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya, is standing for the Kenyan Senate.

Kuria is already well-known to Kenyans from frequent TV appearances. His leadership has resulted in him being personally targeted by evangelicals using American funds in a nasty poster campaign.

He’s standing in Kiambu, a mainly rural district to the north of Nairobi.

*(The first gay African politician is South Africa’s Ian Ollis.)

LAN: Why are you standing for the Senate?

DK: There are principally four reason why I decided to run for this position. The first reason is about service – all my life has been about service and in the past have done so in different capacities, including working in poverty alleviation programs. In politics today we have a few persons who are genuinely committed to public service, but on the whole a majority are just interested in either acquisition of wealth or for the most part protecting their wealth through government machinery. I hope to increase that small number genuinely engaged with solving the people’s problems – which are many as you have read from my website www.kuriaforsenator.com.

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