Hatred Closed CAMEF, Your Love-$$ Will Reopen it! Cameroon LGBTQI Service Center

Published: February 21, 2014

 Violence Can’t Stop CAMEF – Cameroon LGBTQI Service Agency!

CAMEF, a Cameroonian non-profit LGBTQI human rights, health/education service agency became one more victim of anti-LGBTQI violence on Dec. 22, 2013. (click here for story) That  is when vandals ruined their office and left threats like, “Next time we will padlock and burn all of you inside. Go away". See below, "Go Away PEDE (Fag) Go Away. CAMEF has been evicted and had to suspend their work. But violence won’t stop these champions.  Risking their lives, they are depending on you to put them back to work and work for LGBTQI rights everywhere!

This is a matter of life and death of LGBTQI people.  As you see in the intro video by Human Rights Watch,  Cameroon is one of the worst places in the world where hatred of LGBTQI people leads to persecution and murder of innocent victims. Even without proof or trial Roger Mbede was jailed for 3 years for sending a text love note. He died this year because his town and family wanted to exorcise this devil from their midst. Basic services like health care are denied unless groups like CAMEF bring services to their clients within their center.
CAMEF was targeted for standing publicly for LGBTQI needs. Neela Ghoshal, researcher for Human Rights Watch, is familiar with CAMEF’s work first-hand as this photo, taken prior to the vandal attack, shows. Because of the death threats against CAMEF we have blocked faces.  Atty. Nkom interviewed in the HRW video works with CAMEF’s.
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