Hate harms our fight against HIV

Published: December 19, 2014

Bangkok Post
Adebisi Alimi
Original Article:  bit.ly/1r4ktUU

In October, two groups researching the effectiveness of a potential breakthrough drug in the fight against HIV did something unusual. They announced that the therapy they were testing, an antiretroviral… drug called Truvada, had proved effective enough to end the randomised phases of the trials, and that they were offering the pill to all of the studies’ participants.

The researchers found that gay men who take Truvada, in addition to using condoms when they have sex, were significantly less likely to contract HIV.

This is further evidence of the effectiveness of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), a technique by which people who are HIV-negative use antiretroviral drugs to protect themselves from infection. In 2011, a trial funded by the Gates Foundation found that straight couples using Truvada reduced the risk of transmitting HIV by 73%.

Those fighting to prevent the spread of HIV/Aids thus have a new tool in their arsenal. The question now is how best to deliver it to those who need it most: gay men in developing countries.

This summer, the World Health Organization took an important step to that end, recommending PrEP for all gay men and men who have sex with men, making it the first major international health organisation…

The WHO estimates that increased use of PrEP could reduce HIV infections by up to 25% over the next decade among men who have sex with men (this category includes anyone with elevated risk, not just those who identify as gay).

Full text of article available at link below:  bit.ly/1r4ktUU


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