Hate crimes for sexual identity in Guatemala (1996-2006)

Published: August 1, 2008

Hate crimes for sexual identity in Guatemala (1996-2006)

Background: OASIS seeks to visibilize the violence against the Communities of the Sexual Diversity (CSD), the most vulnerable groups to the AIDS epidemic in Guatemala.
This research paper seeks to meet the following objectives:
– Document the hate crimes for sexual identity.
– Visibilize the violence against the CSD.
Methods: Analytical-descriptive research, through recompilation and systematization of cases published in mass media and legal claims registered in OASIS.

– 64 filed cases (1996-2006), with a sustained increase since 2000. 41% occurred between 2005 and 2006 (graphic 1).
– The killings represent 54% of the cases.
– The majority of the human rights violations were against transgender people (61%), gays (34%), bisexual men (3%) and lesbians (2%).
– In the majority of the cases (61%), the aggressors are unidentified; 36% of them were identified as civil servants and security guards.
– Of the documented cases, only 1.57% has been resolved.

– Discrimination and violence affect heavily gays CSD in Guatemala.
– The killings represent the majority of cases and a lot of them are motivated by strong hatred.
– The transgender and openly gay people, suffer greater risk of being targeted.
– The human rights abusers are hardly ever arrested and the cases are not investigated, as there is little interest of the Government to preserve the right to life, physical integrity and security of CSD.

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