Happy First Anniversary of Iranian LGBTQ National Day

Published: July 29, 2011

In IRQO we are exceptionally proud to belong to that part of Iranian society where its members place respect for human being before everything else, and expects from future nothing but respect, and love, for human being – a wish that if grasped or granted, every other bliss will follow. 

RanginKamaani’ha, or The Rainbowers, initiated a National Day for Iranian LGBTQ last year, on July 2010, dated it First Friday of Amordad. (Mordad coincides with second half of July). The Group reasoned: “Amordad is gorgeous, warm, and compassionate, and we wished our day to be as warm, as gorgeous, and as compassionate. Together, unified in heart, calm, and tireless, we’ll pave the path into a life full of light and warmth. We’ll turn to each other then, with smiles and say: We Made It!”.

The Group ended the post with these words: “In the name of a Tomorrow where human being is regarded with Respect, with Love”.

The phrase might seem simple, but to grasp the necessity of love, and of respect for human being regardless, has been the hardest of all tasks of mind, so far.

It takes a life of isolation and terror, for no other fault but being a human being, to grant one such raw sensitivity to place emphasis on respect and love for human being. Considering that these words are conceived in a society where religion, tradition, class, and ideology mar the whole concept of human rights, the phrase will be more appreciated.

Today, Friday July 29, is the first anniversary of Iranian LGBTQ National Day. The group called RanginKamaani’ha announced in their official web space, referring to inappropriate on-line interfering of outsiders: To seek a way out of this unhealthy and destructive progress, which might grow to block the path to all other groups of LGBTQQ in their pursuit of celebrating in a healthy and safe manner, us, RanginKamaani’ha , who believe safety and security of all members of Iranian sexual minorities is most precious and more valuable, Stays Away from any activities this year and stresses again that any comment and personal opinion by individual or groups using Signature of this group published anywhere but this Weblog which is our official site, is not issued by this group, and is a sham.

After a summer full of proud Pride Parades on the international sphere, it feels great to have it followed with the Iranian National LGBT Pride making its first appearances. The Day is coined purposely National to emphasise belonging to a culture that is keen to disown us.

To comply with instructions announced in the weblog, in IRQO we keep celebrations limited to congratulating friends and colleagues, and pronouncing the anniversary via this post, wishing our colleagues and friends in the international LGBTQ community most happy and rewarding year ahead.

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