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Published: January 10, 2012

Periodic Reviews

As part of the new Global Fund grant architecture, before the end of each Implementation Period, Single Streams of Funding (SSF) are required to undergo a Periodic Review. The purpose of Periodic Reviews is to (1) determine the Additional Financial Commitment amount for each Single Stream of Funding; and (2) define a performance rating and recommendation category, identifying conditions/ management actions for the next Implementation Period.
Key features

    Aligned timing and review period: Periodic Reviews are conducted at the same time for all Single Streams Funding in the same disease or cross-cutting health systems strengthening (HSS) program.

    Consolidated requests: The Country Coordinating Mechanism submits a consolidated Request for Additional Financial Commitment, including all Single Streams of Funding under the same disease or HSS program.

    7-Step Performance Based Funding Methodology: In addition to reviewing the programmatic, financial and managerial performance of each Single Stream of Funding, Periodic Reviews include a systematic analysis of impact and outcome, to determine progress towards proposal goals; an assessment of key Principal Recipient and program-level risks in the areas of value for money, equity and aid effectiveness; and an overview of broader program governance issues, including Country Coordinating Mechanism oversight.

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