Global Fund Replenishment "window of opportunity" to beat AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria: Half open or half shut?

Published: December 5, 2013

“You have brief windows in history,” Global Fund Executive Director Ambassador Mark Dybul said Wednesday. He was referring to a now familiar argument he has made to support a request, that when he puts it this way, sounds modest: “Fifteen billion dollars to control three horrible pandemics.”

The window Dybul is talking about is the chance to turn the three pandemics of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria from major worldwide public health threats, as he puts it “in wonky-epidemiological terms, into low level endemics.”
“We have the science today, and actually we have the economic power to control them,” he adds. But if those are not put to use now, he continues, all three diseases will outstrip the resources to control them. He cites Uganda where numbers of new cases notably descended more than a decade ago, and now are once again on the rise. That pattern has been repeated around the world with all three diseases, he adds.
LucyCheshireBy the time Dybul repeated his argument: “This window of opportunity isn’t going to stay open long,” at Wednesday’s Georgetown University conference: The Global Fund 2014-2016: Sustaining the Fight Against AIDS Tuberculosis and Malaria, the big numbers were in. With the world’s donor countries, as well as some of the countries where the donations are being put to use, having pledged an unprecedented $12 billion over the next three years to fight the three diseases, the conference ends $3 billion short of its targeted amount. Perhaps the biggest question remaining on Global Fund’s Fourth Replenishment Conference in Washington, DC, is how long the window will stay open.
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