Gender recognition – let's get it right

Published: August 23, 2010

In June of this year, the Irish Government withdrew its appeal against the 2007 High Court decision, which ruled that not allowing Dr. Lydia Foy to change her birth certificate was in breech of her human rights.

To comply with this judgement, the government are currently in the process  of introducing legislation allowing Trans* individuals to obtain Gender Recognition Certificates (GRC); legally recognising their gender identity.

A gender recognition advisory group has been set-up, inviting comments and input from the general public on issues such as legal recognition and the right to marry. Realistically, I feel that all legislation should allow input from the communities it will affect. How much better would the Civil Partnership Bill be if we could all collaborate, and have that information transformed into legislation? This is an opportunity to ensure that the correct legislation is implemented from the onset; ending Dr. Foy’s 13-year struggle for recognition, and introducing equal rights for all Trans* people in Ireland.

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