GayRussia launches election campaign: "No Single Vote To Homophobes!"

Published: November 6, 2011

None of 7 political parties included in the ballot paper during Russian parliamentary elections supports LGBT rights in their electoral manifestos

Human rights LGBT project GayRussia issued a statement calling gays and lesbians not to vote for any homophobic political party during elections to Russian State Duma which will take place on December 4.

None of 7 political parties included in the ballot paper supports LGBT rights in their electoral manifestos.

“Therefore the question is not for whom to vote, but for whom NOT TO VOTE”, argues GayRussia spokesman Nikolai Baev, initiator of campaign.

Four parties represented in the list and having already their factions in the State Duma are particularly homophobic.

First of all this is “United Russia” party headed by prime minister Vladimir Putin who in his statements made gays and lesbian responsible for demographic crisis in Russia. Its governor Oleg Betin called to “tear fags to pieces”. Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin called gays “immoral” and prohibited Gay Pride Parade in Moscow this year. Finally, its faction in the legislature of Arkhangelskaya Oblast introduced and sponsored notorious bill on “propaganda” of homosexuality adopted in this summer and banning freedom of assembly, expression and association for LGBT people in this northern region of Russia.

Communist Party of Russian Federation is also notoriously homophobic. Its leader Gennady Zyuganov says homosexuality “contradicts to moral values of Russian people”. Communist members of Duma call for re-criminalization of homosexuality in Russia and for ban of family and parental rights of gays and lesbians.

Populist party “Fair Russia’s” views on homosexuality are almost the same. Its leader Sergey Mironov is an ardent opponent of gay marriages and freedom of assembly for LGBT people. Its legislators want to re-criminalize homosexuality and deprive gays and lesbians of their family and parental rights.

Right wing populist Liberal Democratic Party headed by Vladimir Zhirinovsky thinks that homosexuality leads to “degradation, disappearance and degeneration of nation”. Its faction unanimously supported bill banning “propaganda” of homosexuality in Arkhangelskaya Oblast.

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