Gaylaxy Magazine Jul -Aug – Issue Vol VII

Published: August 1, 2010

Wondering what happened to the July issue? Well, due to various reasons, we couldn’t keep up to the due date despite our best efforts. So, we finally decided to come out with a single issue for Jul-Aug. My sincerest apologies if we have kept you all waiting too long. There have been some significant developments since the last issue came out. One among them is the release of FUN Magazine in print, with Manvendra Singh Gohil as its editor. Pink Pages is also planning to bring out its first print issue. Surely, things seem to be moving forward in the right direction.

In this issue, we have tried to bring forth to you how the Pride Walk started in Kolkata and how it has covered up a long distance since then. I am sure many of you would have taken part in the celebrations and walks held in various cities this year. But we must also salute each individual person in the group of 15 who took an initiative towards social visibility more than a decade ago, without even realizing the kind of social change they were us ring in. It is sad to see that there is hardly any mention of this first walk in any newspaper article we read. Just in case you were in the dark about it all (especially the Gen X), I hope this issue would leave you a lot wiser with this first of a kind article. I could think of no other better way of commemorating the July 2 verdict, which coincidentally was also the day the walk was held in Kolkata in 1999. It was an enriching experience indeed to talk to Mr. Pawan Dhall, Mr. Owais Khan and others.

We finally add a few more columns, which I will leave it to you all to explore. If you find some other regular columns missing, don’t worry, we will be back with them in the next issue. Well, am not going to bore you with any more of my “NOTE”, you have waited long enough for the issue; it’s time you gorge upon each and every word of it.

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