Gay rape victim speaks out in India

Published: February 19, 2013

A gay man who was raped by several men in India has spoken out about his ordeal hoping to break the silent suffering of male sexual assault victims.

The recent horrific news about the 23-year-old woman who was gang raped on a bus in Delhi triggered Vinodhan to open-up about his experiences on the blog of Chennai-based LGBT support group Orinam.

‘I was raped by six drunk men,’ Vinodhan said, Times of India reports. ‘They verbally abused me for being a homosexual, and took turns filming the whole thing.’

Vinodhan said he didn’t go to the police or tell anyone about the incident because he ‘thought everyone would blame me for hooking up. I did not know how the police would treat a gay man.’

L Ramakrishnan, country director of Saathi, a HIV/AIDS research organization, told Times of India that most men who rape men are heterosexual.

‘A majority of perpetrators of male rape are not gay or bisexual but straight men,’ he said. ‘Male rape is another way of demonstrating power and aggression.’

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