Gay pride Incorporated

Published: June 5, 2013

Corporate houses in Bengaluru are going that extra mile to make the LGBT (lesbian, gays, bisexual and transgender) community in Bengaluru feel welcome and celebrate their diversity and inclusion.

While IBM’s EAGLE programme aims to promote an open working environment for the community, JP Morgan Chase is providing a ‘not specified’ option under the gender category in its applications forms.

Not to be left out in the race to woo the community, Wipro Technologies and Accenture too have a third sub-category in its application form under gender.

“I would regularly find an email asking me to support and become part of the LGBT community at Accenture. Being a member myself, I connected with others and soon we were having conference calls and exchanging experiences,” says Sham Konnur, who was employed at Accenture for five years.

In fact, when he was being bullied by another employee for coming out of the closet, Konnur says that it was the company that came to his rescue.

And if you thought that emails and sexual recognition were the markers for this revolution, corporate bigwigs like Goldman Sachs, IBM and Google have joined forces to bring out ‘Creating Inclusive Workplaces for LGBT Employees in India,’ an LGBT guide for companies.

A spokesperson at Infosys that also has its own community group says, “At Infosys, we believe that everyone has the right to lead life feeling safe, secure and happy. Infosys Gays Lesbians and you (IGLU), the employee resource group (ERG) for employees from LGBT community (setup in 2011) brings employees from the community together. The focus has been to ensure employees have a safe and harassment free work place irrespective of their sexual orientation. Some of the initiatives to sensitise employees include online chat sessions, play reading and intimate theatre workshops along with publishing videos and articles. These mediums have generated organisation wide interest and viewership.”

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