Gay Panic Defence in the Murder of David Kato?

Published: February 2, 2011

Have just heard it on Capital FM. Apparently, the guy who was staying in David’s place, the guy who was working for him has been arrested. At Mukono Police station at the moment.

And, from what I heard, he has confessed to the murder, reporting that Kato forced him into having sex, so he killed him.

True, false, I don’t know?

I would really love to say that I am sure of that. Simple, I am a Ugandan. And, I live and work in Uganda. This became a very high profile case, as soon as the media stepped in and the police investigations were made for media.

So, what is the problem with that?

Well, very simple. The police had to make an arrest. And, they had to have a suitable motive. Cracking the case became a priority.
In Uganda, so help me the deities, we use ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’. And, they are very helpful. And, I am not talking about simple water boarding. Simple…. well, it is.

This guy was condemned as soon as the police sent out the flier saying the death was due to ‘aggravated robbery’. So, little suprise that he has been found, and, confensed immediately.

Full text of article available at link below –

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