Gay Nigerians stripped naked and whipped in public after sex party

Published: March 31, 2014

Five gay Nigerian men were detained, stripped naked and beaten in public last week after they refused to give money to a sexual partner from Lagos who was blackmailing them.

According to local news reports and information from Nigerian gay activist Bisi Alimi, a gay man from Lagos joined some local gay men in Ekurede Urhobo for a sex party.

Afterwards, the man from Lagos demanded payment in exchange for not reporting the group to police. When the rest of the group didn’t pay, the gay man from Lagos reported the group to local authorities. As of January 2014, Nigerian law punishes openly gay people with prison sentences up to 14 years. Anybody who knows somebody who is gay will have to tell the authorities or go to jail for five years. Five men were detained and taken to the town hall, where in front of a large crowd they were stripped naked and whipped. When they couldn’t pay a fine, they were reported to the police. At this point a sixth alleged member of the group was also arrested. 

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