Gay "Love" on Top at MTV

Published: March 24, 2010

Gay "Love" on Top at MTV

Caribbean-born singer-songwriter Nhojj never dreamed of a successful career as an out musician. Now his video for "Love" — which shows two black men embracing in bed — is number 1 on MTV.

Gay singer-songwriter Nhojj made music history twice in the past year — first as the only black male ever to win an OUTMusic Award for his song “Love,” and then, more remarkably, hitting the coveted number 1 spot on MTV’s music video chart this month. The “Love” video is a narrative that culminates in two young black men embracing in a bed. Nhojj’s sensual vocals drive the imagery, singing, “Our thighs now meet, our souls are singing, harmony sweet.”

But Nhojj’s life’s trajectory was just as unpredictable as the success of his explicitly gay music video. Born in Guyana and raised in Trinidad, Nhojj was brought up in an extremely religious Caribbean family that still struggles to fully understand his homosexuality. Nhojj moved to the United States to attend New York University, where he studied economics. He talks to The Advocate about how he ended up in music and how honesty and “Love” have brought him so much in return.

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