Gay Kenya Partners Afra Kenya in Project to Promote LGBTI Advocacy Skills

Published: June 14, 2011

A three-month project was launched on June 6 to train some members of the LGBTI community on effective communication to help provide factual reports and stories to help raise awareness and the voice of advocacy.
The venture is a partnership between Gay Kenya and Afra Kenya who received some funding to provide 14 members a skills-building course that trains them in website blog management and set up, writing and editing articles to encourage them to comprehensively cover stories on LGBTI issues. Each organisation presented seven members each for the training.
Katey, programme and finance co-ordinator for Afra Kenya said that the aim of the project is to have more unbiased reporting from the community and help set straight much of the inaccurate reporting already in existence.
This venture will mainly be web-based and will also see a website develop soon to set a stage for advocacy and post members stories or poetry. This project is a pilot hoping to encourage more members to seek skills that build advocacy.
Those picked where chosen on a “needs basis” prioritising members in the groups who have completed high school and have no jobs. In fact one of the beneficiary of this course was “outed” and her parents stop paying her school fees in a journalism course. Getting this training will allow her to get her certification and further herself.
It is hoped that this venture and the skills learnt also helps the individuals nurture and develop their careers.

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