Gay in Dominica willing to go public if proper policies are in place

Published: July 6, 2011

Timothy Jack (not his real name) is among the several gay men in Dominica who are willing to go public with their sexual status “if government put policies in place to make the act non discriminatory”.
In an exclusive interview with Dominica News Online Tuesday, Jack said he has always felt like a woman and that it was not something he had any control over.
“I always felt like a woman. In high school, I use panties as an undergarment. I look like a man but I feel like a woman. I didn’t make myself this way so I don’t see why people always try and make me feel like I am an alien,” he explained.
Jack, who catwalks and perks his lips after every sentence, said ending discrimination against gay people in Dominica will help solve a lot of problems.
“We would like to socialize together and not hide our status. We want to enter a club without people shouting and calling us dirty names. We would like to blend in and not be discriminated against. We just want to be free. There are many gay people in Dominica but they are undercover,” he explained, adding “I know what I am saying. I am gay, remembers?”.
He said the public would be amazed at the gays or bi-sexual people in Dominica “who are walking around with their jackets and ties or their classy feminine suits”.
“The saddest part about our sexual preferences is that some of these people, especially when they are in the company of straight people, they would lambaste the gays and say how much hatred they got for us, then after the dust are settled, they could engage in the same act,” he explained.
Jack, who claims that he has two lovers (one here and the other overseas) and who is currently unemployed, said he have been moving from job to job because of he refuses to hide his status.
“I love my men. I don’t hide it. We men make love better than women can. Trust me, I know what I am saying,” he said sticking his fingers out and rotating them in a circular motion.

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