Gay Brit Arrested in Uganda

Published: October 31, 2013

 There are efforts to support a British man who was arrested after he was ‘outed’ by a notoriously homophobic Ugandan tabloid.

Retired banker Bernard Randell, who lives in Uganda, believes that robbers who broke into his home found a gay pornographic video on his laptop and passed it on the Red Pepper newspaper.
The tabloid then published an explicit front page report titled Exposed – Top City Tycoons Sodomy Sex Video Leaks.
The 65-year-old Randell was arrested with a friend earlier this month and has been charged with “trafficking obscene publications,” which carries a seven year jail sentence.
Local newspapers say that he appeared in court with the Ugandan man and that they underwent medical tests to asses if they had sex. It remains unclear if the men will also be charged with homosexuality.
“Our worst fear is that we go out and there’s a mob that does something naughty to us – beats us up or even kills us,” Randell told ITV.
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