Gay Armenians March to Raise HIV Awareness

Published: December 4, 2010

As HIV rates skyrocket in Armenia, GLBT advocates and activists staged a march there to raise awareness on Dec. 1, World AIDS Day.

The groups in attendance at the march included Public Information and Need of Knowledge (PINK), Women’s Resource Center, and Real World Real People, reported IanyanMag on Dec. 2.

The article noted that the march took place against a backdrop in which HIV cases had soared by 25% over the last ten years, while in more than 50 other nations worldwide transmission rates had flattened or even decreased.

HIV/AIDS activists have long argued for decriminalization of homosexuality in countries where gays are still legally persecuted, saying that social and legal proscriptions drive gays underground–and the epidemic along with it. Gays, bisexuals, and other men who have sex with men (MSM) tend to avoid testing in anti-gay societies, with the result being that they do not get treatment or counseling. The lack of resources and education, combined with the furtive nature of same-sex contacts in such cultures, drives increases in HIV rates, health authorities and GLBT advocates say.

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