Gay And Lesbian Awards Of Kenya Announced By National LGBTIQ Commission

Published: November 7, 2012

THE FIRST EVER Gay and Lesbian Awards of Kenya (GALA) were announced Wednesday by the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (NGLHRC)  to honor gay, lesbian, Trans, queer, intersex and bisexual (LGBTIQ) individuals and organizations for their contributions to Kenyan society.

The awards are also to honor politicians, employers and others who are committed to advancing equality and social acceptance for LGBTIQ people in Kenya.

The awards, the first of its kind in the country are being organized by NGLHR and Identity Kenya which is also the official media sponsor of the event.

Scheduled to be held on December 15th 2012, the awards are expected to run each year and will recognized exemplary service, courage and work on LGBTIQ issues in the country.

According to NGLHR, the awards are aimed at ’inspiring, supporting and motivating individuals and institutions that have made a demonstrable contribution in the protection of LGBTI rights and the promotion of increased acceptance, demonstratable recognition and pioneering of LGBTIQ human rights in Kenya.’

Mirroring South Africa’s Pink Feather Wards and UK’s Diversity Awards, the Awards will ‘push for an advocacy agenda on LGBTIQ human rights’ by ‘supporting those involved in the LGBTIQ human rights campaigns in their advocacy efforts’ and ‘inspire and motivate others towards significant contribution to LGBTIQ human rights.’

Based on public submissions, five shortlisted nominees will be considered for each award, and a winner and runners up will be announced for each category on the GALA night.

The various awards include Lifetime Achievement Award for an LGBTIQ identifying person who has shown impeccable record and service for LGBTIQ rights and causes; the  LGBTIQ Health Provider Award for persons or organizations that have had greater impact on LGBTIQ health, while the LGBTIQ Community Organization Award will go to any LGBTI group or organization that have done exemplary work.

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