Gay Activists Beaten During Picket in Southwest Russia

Published: January 20, 2013

VORONEZH, January 20 (RIA Novosti) – Gay activists were beaten by an angry crowd during an authorized picket in the city of Voronezh in southwest Russia on Sunday.

Voronezh gay activists earlier announced their intention to hold a protest against the so-called homophobia bill, which will be discussed in Russia’s parliament soon. The picket in the square near a monument to Russian poet Ivan Nikitin was sanctioned by the city authorities and was expected to gather about 50 gay activists.

The opponents of the LGBTI community announced their intention through social networks to break up the picket. Several hundred people opposing gay propaganda in Russia gathered near the monument and sealed off all approaches to it to prevent the picket.

When about ten gay activists appeared, the crowd first pelted them with snowballs and then rushed at them, bringing them down to the ground and starting to beat them.

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