GALCK AGM 2012 – 31st August and 1st September, Nairobi.

Published: September 5, 2012

Hello Kenyas LGBTI community,
It is a great week, a marvelous week actually. It is the first week at the community centre since the 2012 Annual General Meeting. Walking into the GALCK centre one can sense an aura of newness, anticipation and excitement. It would be a lie if we did not mention the anxiety that always comes with change and a new beginning. The LGBTI and queer community in Kenya has embarked on a journey of transformation and transition that started when the first voice was raised by a community member, on their dissatisfaction with GALCK and its reach. It is impossible to tell where that voice was located but after it, many more voices followed from everywhere, loud enough to hear and act upon in unity.
The AGM was the first to be held in the past two years; this lead to the assumption that GALCK holds Biennial General Meetings and not Annual General Meetings. It was only during the drafting of community proposed constitutional amendments that it became clear that this was indeed an AGM, a fact made clear at the opening of the meeting on Friday the 31st of August.
The much communicated consultative process running to the AGM ensured that the General Meeting was a community driven meeting. This process will continue beyond last weekend. There will be a series of events including a community feedback meeting, similar to the August 4th Community Forum. Communication shall be forthcoming on this. This last quarter of 2012 shall continue to shape the future of GALCK as the face of the LGBTI movement in the country.
As we await the completion of the full AGM report, here are the highlights of the AGM:

A total of 8 new groups were voted into the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya. On the first day of the AGM (31st of August), 10 new groups made their application presentation to the AGM. These were Tamba Pwani, Upper Rift Minorite, Lesbos, Minority Persons Empowerment Group (MPEG), Q-Initiative, Kenya Youth Development and Education Association (KYDESA), PurpleHaze, Ukweli Mombasa, Tree Kenya and HOYMAS.
PurpleHaze (a Nairobi based bisexual group), requested not to be voted on at that time. They chose to apply further down the line for membership. Tree Kenya, a group that focuses on psychosocial and spiritual support for the LBGTI community, failed to get the minimum one member group recommendation that was required for them to go for voting. HOYMAS (a Community Based Organization serving male sex workers and men who have sex with men living with HIV and AIDS), and UKWELI (Mombasa based MSM health organization) were voted in on day two (1st September) after a recount was decided on by the general meeting through a vote by all member groups.

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