Funds For LGBT Web Awareness

Published: September 12, 2011

Melbourne – Australian GLBT support group Rainbow Network Victoria is one of six youth organisations receiving State Government funding to develop cyber safety programmes.

The funding was announced last week by Youth Affairs Minister Ryan Smith as part of a $A3.6 million, four-year initiative called webWise to educate people up to 25 in safe and responsible internet use.

Smith said the community-based, youth-led initiative project is aimed at youth most in need of a positive experience of technology and that all young people, particularly the most vulnerable, need to be able to do this safely.

Rainbow Network will deliver cyber safety education and training to same-sex attracted and gender questioning young people.

The other organisations involved include the Centre for Multicultural Youth, the Centre for Adult Education in partnership with Education Centre Gippsland, the Koorie Heritage Trust, Women’s Health Grampians and the Youth Disability Advocacy Service

Rainbow Network will develop a strategy using especially recruited and trained peer educators. Online workshops and other participation methods will be a feature of the project and ensure a wide range of young people are reached, particularly those in remote and rural areas. Sessions for parents and friends of same-sex attracted youth providing key cyber safety messages will also be offered.

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