From "risks and responsibilities" to "APCOM" – the successful development of an Asia Pacific regional tripartite MSM coalition

Published: August 1, 2008

From "risks and responsibilities" to "APCOM" – the successful development of an Asia Pacific regional tripartite MSM coalition – involving the MSM/transgender(TG) community groups, governments of the region, donors & funders, and the UN agencies

Issues: A tripartite collaboration between community, governments, funders, and the UN system in a regional advocacy coalition is a successful model for ensuring higher investments, greater coverage, and enhanced knowledge base for MSM and TG HIV prevntion, treatment, care, and support services. 

Description: The tripartite model was first tested in the "Risks and Responsibilities" consultation held in New Delhi in September 2006. This was a success inasmuch as it brought these primary stakeholders to the same table to address MSM HIV issues, and therefore ensured removal of barriers. The pre consultation in-contry work created the necessary linkages between governments and communities which´s crucial to availability of MSM/TG HIV services. One of the major reccomendation of the consultation was to carry on and institutionalise the tripartite model in a regional coalition for regional advocacy on MSM/TG issues. Therefore the ´Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health (APCOM)´ was formally formed in July 2007 with the primary objective of conducting targeted advocacy with governments, donors, research agencies, civil society organizations and UN bodies for an improved HIV policy framework, increased investment, scaled up programs, reduced stigma and discrimination and the promotion of individual rights of MSM/TG. It has been successful in securing institutional funding for itself and adopt a democratic community participation structure. In its short existence it has already created an impact. 
Lessons learned: That involving governments, communities, and funders in a regional coalition is a successful model of cooperation that ensures enhanced coverage, better research, and higher investments. 
Next steps: To ensure that the mission of APCOM as a regional coalition of MSM and transgender community-based organisations, government sector representatives, funding support agencies, and technical experts, advocating for increasing investment and coverage of HIV services for these communities, along with promoting the Principles of Good Practice is actualised. 
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