FOF #1330 – Get Your Butt Out of the Sand

Published: February 16, 2011

Your body is a magical wonderland waiting to be explored, but proceed with caution because risks may be lurking around the backside. You can’t just stick your butt in the sand and pretend there’s nothing behind there to deal with.

Today health advocate Jim Pickett joins us to answer your vital questions about your butt. Yes, your derriere, your bon bon, your gluteus maximus, because overcoming our bashfulness over the booty is key to gay men’s health.

Why do gay men enjoy anal sex? How do I know if my boyfriend is good for me? Are some types of lube safer than others? How do I keep my booty fresh and fabulous?

Plus we take a closer look at the Asset Based Lifestyle- the secret every gay man needs to know about focusing on what works in your life in order to bring about the change you need to shine.

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