Focus Group Discussions to Update WHO Guidelines – Register Now!

MPact is organizing a series of regional focus groups aimed at including the voices of gay, bisexual and queer men in the consultations to update the World Health Organization’s Consolidated Guidelines on HIV, Hepatitis, and other STIs for Key Populations.


These focus groups, which will take place throughout the month of June, are an opportunity for gay bisexual and queer HIV advocates to help provide inputs to update international health guidelines. Do you have feedback and suggestions to the WHO? Now’s your chance!

Share the registration form to those in your networks and help us spread the word!

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REGION Date | Time
Eastern Mediterranean Wed 7 June

SF            9:00

DC           12:00

Rabat     17:00

Beirut     19:00

Africa Wed 2 June

SF            9:00

DC           12:00

Nairobi   19:00

Joburg    18:00

South Africa     17:00

Western Pacific Wed 2 June

SF            19:00

DC           22:00

Thur 3 June

Nairobi   5:00

BKK     9:00

Taiwan   10:00

Americas Wed 9 June

SF            10:00

CDMX    12:00

DC           13:00

European Wed 9 June

UTC        14:30

AMST    16:30

IST           17:30

South-East Asia   TBD

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