Fifteen gay activists receive death threats in Brazil

Published: October 24, 2012

Fiften activists from Curitiba, Brazil have revealed today that they have been receiving constant death threats since the last week of September.

All the threats are of a homophobic nature and characteristic of hate crimes expressing a high degree of cruelty.

They have been being received by telephone at home and at work, by mobile phone, e-mail and social media since the last week of September.

The phone calls are being made from public telephones.

Among the 15 threatened are Márcio Marins, president of the NGO Dom da Terra and Toni Reis, president of ABGLT – the national Brazilian LGBT association.

Reis revealed that one of the threats he received by phone said: ‘You are going to die, you, your husband and your son. Your mother is a dyke’.

In view of the situation, this week the Human Rights Secretariat of Brazil sent a special mission to Curitiba, comprising of Irina Bacci, general coordinator of the National Human Rights Ombudsman Service, Igo Martini, general coordinator of the Human Rights Defenders Protection Programme and three members of the programme’s technical team. The mission interviewed everyone who reported having been threatened.

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