Feature: Emerging LGBTI Activists And Leaders In Kenya

Published: January 3, 2013

EVERY YEAR, Identity Kenya will be putting out a list of Emerging LGBTI Activists and  Leaders to honor the work and contribution these individuals have given for the movement and who continue to support, mobilize, petition and advocate for equality and non-discrimination in Kenya.

According to Queer Watchtower who is in the selection panel, the list is comprised of ‘young, energetic, visionary, self-driven and independent thinkers and activists’ who ‘will take over the rein of leadership of the LGBTI movement in Kenya’ to the next level.

Denis Nzioka, Editor of Identity Kenya, Kenya’s premier sexual and gender minorities news agency, said that the list will be an annual affair and will reflect ‘the need to recognize leadership’ given the current vacuum the LGBTI movement is experiencing.

He further added that the list will also reflect the otherwise ‘hidden’ ‘critical’ and ‘useful’ contribution each of the nominees give to better the lives of LGBTI Kenyans.

Selection was done from a list submitted by the Selection Panel of activists who were working in various fields and regions around the country. Ideally, criterion was they had to be young, independent (or affiliated to an organization), currently working or advocating and identify as openly LGBTI.

This particular edition is the final installment of Identity Kenya’s 2012 3 part special feature on the news, events and persons who made 2012 remarkable.

Part 1 was on the Top LGBT News Stories of 2012. READ: Feature: The Top Kenya LGBT Stories Of 2012

Part 2 was on the Top Homophobes in Kenya of 2012. READ:  Feature: The List Of Kenyan Homophobes Who Made News In 2012

Whereas care has been taken to ensure regional, personal identities and work portfolio diversity, the list is in no way a reflection of the extent and passion of these young men and women.

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