Facing visa denial, United Russia MPs ready to be 'gay on demand', Navalny says

Published: February 12, 2014

On February 11, a prominent Russian political activist Alexey Navalny in his blog replied to the Irina Rodnina controversy sparked by a twit made in her twitter in September, 2013 with a photo of the Obama couple on the background and a hand holding a banana in the foreground. The twit was deemed racist by critics. Five months later, in February, 2014  Rodnina, Sochi Olympics torch bearer and Soviet figure skater, suddenly made a statement that her twitter was “hacked” then. This statement was allegedly connected with USA visa problems Rodnina might face over the controversy.

In his blog Alexey Navalny ridicules hypocrisy of the United Russia MPs and says:
Same thing goes with all these disgusting hypocritical United Russia MPs. They want to keep the population here as slaves to provide themselves with an honorary deputy status, VIP rooms and privileged passage routes and access to the oil pork.
They will not let us into the elections , and they fake the elections that we have. All this is justified by the fact that Russia must be protected against “gringos”, homosexuals, nationalists , fascists , TV “Rain” , liberals, those who deny the victory in the war , Europe (“Gayrope” ) and so on.
But as soon as the United Russia MPs are said that they will not be allowed into this very “Gayrope” or “Gringoland”, where their little kids are and where their bank account is, the United Russia MPs would be willing to wear a boa, pick up a rainbow flag,  have a same-sex  marriage, surrender Leningrad to Nazis, dance in a church and splutter: “My account was hacked. I deeply regret, my American masters. I support diversity and democracy. Look I’m gay and I’m dancing.”
This is for the zombieTV that Rodnina as a United Russia MP (as well as  “Zhelyeznyak”s, “Burmatov”s,  “Vladimir Soloviov”s and “Dmitry Kiselev”s) loves Putin. In fact, she loves the possibility to go back to America to her estate, to hug her daughter, working in an American company, and her grandchildren, who are U.S. citizens. To walk safely on the streets and discuss “Russia populated with rednecks and slaves.”
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