Facilitator's Guide The Rectal Revolution is Here: An Introduction to Rectal Microbicide Clinical Trials

Published: April 30, 2013

This facilitator’s guide has been developed as a tool for people leading community discussions or recruitment sessions who will be showing the educational video, The Rectal Revolution is Here: an Introduction to Rectal Microbicide Clinical Trials. The guide has been designed for facilitators as a tool to prepare for video screenings at workshops/ presentations. The information provided on rectal microbicide research and the clinical trial process is background material for the facilitator, and will be especially helpful for facilitators who are less familiar with rectal microbicide research. A set of suggested questions to ask video audiences is included in the guide. Facilitators may choose to use these questions, or come up with their own based on audience interest. If you find yourself unable to answer an audience question that comes up during a screening of the video, don’t worry. No one is expected to know the answers to every potential question. Just be sure to tell the person who asked the question that you don’t know, and that you will get back to him or her with an
answer once you find it. Remember to get the individual’s email address so you can follow up. Then send an email to rectalmicro@gmail.com with the question, and someone will get back to you with the answer as soon as possible.

The guide also includes two forms that are important for obtaining feedback on the video:

Facilitator Utilization Form: this form is to be filled out by the facilitator, scanned, and
emailed to the International Rectal Microbicide Advocates (IRMA) at rectalmicro@gmail.
com after each video screening.

Participant Evaluation Form: this form is to be printed off and distributed to each person at the workshop/presentation/recruitment session where the video is screened. Please ask the participants to complete this short form, and please scan and email them to IRMA rectalmicro@gmail.com.

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