Expectations As GALCK Gears Up For AGM

Published: August 28, 2012

The second annual general meeting for GALCK, the umbrella organization for gay, lesbian and trans groups in Nairobi is expected to take place early September.
GALCK has been busy preparing for the AGM with several high profile meetings with different members and stakeholders.
In a statement issued, GALCK said the meeting would be ‘historic’ and said ‘it was committed to repairing past failings and gaps’ – such as the safe house scandal – and would use the chance to be ‘more prepared to fight for the human rights of the LGBT community in ways it hasn’t been able to before.’
The AGM was preceded by a National Forum that brought together the various groups that fall under GALCK to where discussions ‘around GALCKs mandate, structure, membership and ‘services’ came into the fore with most members faulting the organization but also hopeful that change was needed.
It was then agreed that GALCK would seek outside moderators who would facilitiate in a community meeting that was attended by representatives of sex workers and emerging new groups from Thika and Nairobi.
Here, various thorny issues as regards service delivery, staff and management, as well as internal wrangles were discussed.
The upcoming meeting is expected to attract particular interest with several key players and donors looking to see what resolutions GALCK will adopt to make it better and efficient in handling the needs of its constituents.
Queer Watchtower, a Nairobi based LGBT critic and writer, said he was looking forward to seeing a ‘new birth’ of the local organization but warned it might be too early to think the changes will be ‘a miracle.’
‘This is the chance GALCK saves its image and life. The community is watching closely and will be looking to see if its concerns are heeded. Painful as it is, time has come for change in the whole of GALCK. I am looking forward to seeing the ‘new’ GALCK after the AGM. But we know, intentions honest, that change is inevitably slow and may meet with resistance. It is not an elixir but quinine.’
Among the key considerations being fronted is the inclusion of sex worker groups that have LGBT members in GALCK; a move that has received mixed reactions with some arguing against it since it equates being gay to being a sex worker

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