Exodus International's failed message exported to Jamaica

Published: December 20, 2011

Exodus International, the rabidly anti-gay organization based in the United States, is in trouble.

Pink News is reporting that Exodus has run out of money in the United States where the sort of climate that used to be fertile ground for Exodus’ sponsorship has changed for the worse. Gays are now serving openly in the US military if they wish to come out, gay marriage is inching forward in the States, gay mayors and state legislators are taking up elected office all over the country and President Obama is threatening Third World despots with sanctions if they don’t respect gay rights – with hardly a murmur from the American public. The anti-gay fight in America has all but been lost and Exodus’ loss of financial support in that country is the culmination of this defeat.

So, as Pink News is reporting, they are turning to Jamaica where their hate-filled message still finds resonance with full page ads spewing the same nonsense that has been rejected in Exodus’ country. This is truly a case of  turning ‘not in my backyard (NIMBY) on its head; Exodus’ has failed to hold the interest of its own people, so they must try and cultivate that of the bigots they can find or create elsewhere.

You may recall that Exodus International was one of the groups behind the anti-gay campaign that was unleashed in Uganda in 2009, which in turn formed the basis of the Bahati Nazi ‘kill the gays’ bill of 2009 that caught fire, got the world to sit up and notice Uganda, and turned David Bahati into an international figure of infamy.

They are clearly going down, but they will not do so quietly. That is why it makes sense to keep an eye on the last kicks of this dying horse.

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