Evolution of the Men Who Have Sex with men Community and Experienced Stigma Among MSM in Chengdu, China

Published: September 1, 2006

Evolution of the men who have sex with men community and experienced stigma among MSM in Chengdu, China
Pukaar April 2010 Issue 69

Stigma and discrimination have been identified as primary obstacles against effective HIV prevention.1,2 As elsewhere, men who have sex with men (MSM) in China are suffering from stigma and discrimination.3,4

In the past 30 years, Chinese society has experienced dramatic sexual liberation concurrent with adoption of more liberal policies and economic reforms. These changes include increasing pre- and extramarital sex, development of a flourishing sex industry, internet and casual sex, and more openness regarding homosexual behaviours. Increasing numbers of people now regard sexuality as a basic human right, meaning that everyone has the right and freedom to pursue his or her own sexual happiness.5-7 Sodomy, previously condemned as a form of hooliganism, was removed from legislation in 1997,4 and homosexual behaviours were excluded from the China Psychiatrics Classification and Diagnostic Criteria, Version 3, as a psychosis in 2001, indicating an increasing acceptance of MSM in general society

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