European parliament prepares new report on transgender 'rights' and 'homophobia'

Published: November 1, 2013

October 31, 2013 (Turtle Bay and Beyond) – The controversial Estrela-Report may not have flown, but the abortionist/homosexualist lobby’s next onslaught on human rights and human dignity is already in the pipeline.

Once again, it comes in the guise of an “Initiative Report”, i.e. a report on a subject for which the European Parliament has no legal competence, and which therefore, even if it is adopted, will have no binding effect. And once again, the strategy is: (1) to hope that the paper will escape public attention while it is debated in Committee, (2) rush it through the Plenary without debate, and (3) then tout it as a highly important document whose recommendations must be followed even if it is not legally binding.
This time, the Initiative Report is “on the EU Roadmap against homophobia and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity”.
Is there such a “roadmap”? Not yet. But the report calls for one.The author of the paper is Ulrike Lunacek, a Green MEP from Austria, who is notorious as a self-professed Lesbian garnishing each of her public statements with assertions on her “sexual identity”. (I believe that under Judith Butler’s gender theory there is a name for this type of women: they are called “butches“. Ulrike, the “butch”.)
Ulrike Lunacek wants privileges, not equality
The report has been commissioned by the EP’s Committee on Civil Liberties (“LIBE”), which, just like the Committee on Women’s Rights from which the ill-fated Estrela-Report has emanated, appears to be a sheltered workshop for homosexualist/abortionist EU politicians with a particularly radical agenda: besides Mrs. Lunacek herself, it includes notorious names like Michael “Blitzkrieg” Cashman, Véronique de Keyser, Sophie in’t Veld, Caecilia Wikstrom, Joanna Szenyszyn, Claude Moraes, Raul Romeva i Rueda, to name just a few. Nowhere are representatives of the most diverse “sexual orientations” so over-represented as in this committee.
It is no wonder, then, that such a committee should adopt a paper that seeks to promote homosexuality. And it is equally unsurprising that this report, while pretending to voice concern over the human rights of lesbian, gay, transgender and intersex people, actually undermines the concept of human rights at large.
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