Equality Parade marches through Warsaw

Published: June 12, 2011

The demonstration by LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender persons) and those opposed to homophobia and discrimination marched from outside the Parliament building to Plac Bankowy, accompanied by colourful floats and blaring music.
Politicians from the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) took part as did NGOs such as the Campaign Against Homophobia, alongside families, cyclists and a group of nurses who proclaimed on one banner, “Homophobia is curable”.
Among the demands of the demonstrators was the adopting of a law on civil partnerships, reforms in sex education in schools and a demand that the government more actively fight discrimination against sexual minorities.
British Ambassador in Warsaw, Ric Todd, told the crowd that the parade is not "against anybody or anything but for diversity and equality," after which a spontaneous verse of God Save the Queen was sung by supporters.
Outside the parliament building and at Plac Bankowy several hundred counter-demonstrators held up banners saying "Eurosodomia has no future".

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