Equality opponents say legalizing gay rights would lead Trinidad and Tobago to disaster

Published: March 11, 2013

During the third meeting of a consultation on Trinidad and Tobago’s constitution, calls for decriminalizing homosexuality and enshrining LGBT rights were strongly opposed.

Opponents of equality such a move would lead the country to disaster and an ‘end of the human race’.

At the meeting on 10 March, the Trinidad Express daily reported that an unnamed man called for enshrining women’s and LGBT rights in the Caribbean nation’s consitution.

He also suggested that the new constitution should include articles on reproductive health and remove articles relating to the ‘supremacy of God’.

Apostle Vernon Duncan, senior pastor of Divine Encounter Fellowship Ministries International, objected saying that rights must be ‘right’ and noted that while gays claim marriage is their right, people who practise bestiality and paedophilia may also claim that is their ‘right’.

He noted the nation was ‘doing well’ and ‘we cannot afford to be under the judgment of God’.

Attendee Rachel Nyack also objected to LGBT rights warning the country would ‘be judged’ if such laws were passed.

She described homosexuality as ‘being against natural order and God’s order’.

She pointed out that if the ‘entire society became homosexuals’ there would be ‘no human race in two generations because they cannot reproduce’.

She also called for a clamping down on the sex trade, pointing out that prostitutes were walking the streets and not being arrested, and for a return to corporal punishment.

Another attendee, Christopher Perreira, stated that ‘We need to keep God to be guided’ saying legalizing homosexuality would ‘infringe’ on his ‘right’ to teach his child about ‘morality’.

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