Elevated 12-month and lifetime prevalence and comorbidity rates of mood, anxiety, and alcohol use disorders in chinese men who have sex with men.

Published: April 18, 2013


This study aimed to assess whether Chinese men who have sex with men (MSM) had a significantly elevated prevalence of psychiatric disorders compared to urban males in China.

807 MSM were recruited using a respondent-driven sampling (RDS) method in urban area of northeast China. Psychiatric disorders were assessed employing the Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI. Version 1.0) according to the criteria of the DSM-III-R.

Chinese MSM had a significantly elevated standardized prevalence ratios (SPR) for lifetime prevalence of any disorder (SPR?=?2.8; 95%CI: 2.5-3.2), mood disorder (SPR?=?3.0; 95%CI: 2.3-3.7), anxiety disorder (SPR?=?5.5; 95% CI: 4.6-6.5), alcohol use disorder (SPR?=?2.4, 95%CI: 2.0-2.8), and combination of disorders (SPR?=?4.2; 95%CI: 3.4-5.1).

Chinese MSM had significantly elevated prevalence and comorbidity of psychiatric disorders. RDS is a suitable sampling method for psychiatric epidemiological survey in MSM population.

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