Egypt's LGBTI crackdown continues; what can be done?

Colin Stewart
Original Article:

As Egyptian police continue their crackdown on LGBTI people, here’s a quick update on recent events, followed by suggestions for action.

Arrests of alleged transsexuals in a tourist area of Cairo (Feb. 26)?

“Egyptian police arrested seven people on [Feb. 26] for ‘debauchery,’ the charge routinely used against men accused of homosexuality, according to a report in the Egyptian tabloid Al-Youm el-Saba. The paper identified the seven as “transsexuals,” but details of the account could not be verified.” (BuzzFeed)

In differing versions of the event, Egyptian police made the arrests in response to a tip from a transgender police informer or tracked them down online, using fake Web pages. (Activist/analyst Scott Long on his A Paper Bird blog)

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