Dutch gay safe sex videos break taboo

Published: November 12, 2010

On World Aids Day, the Dutch community site for LGBT teenagers Jongenout.nl launches the short film project ‘Let’s talk about sex’. On 12 videos, young Dutch lesbian, gay and bisexual teenagers openly talk about (safe) sex. With the project, its initiators COC Netherlands and Schorer want to start a dialogue about (safe) sex, while creating a safe environment in which gay sex is not a taboo subject.

Let’s talk about sex

In the videos, LGBT teenagers talk about topics that are of interest to them. Topics such as coming-out, STD’s & HIV, gay sex, lesbian sex, personal boundaries, love and relationships, and homophobia. Only teenagers speak out in the short clips. The videos can be viewed on http://www.youtube.com/user/jongenout

“It’s important to create an environment in which talking about sex is considered normal,” says Geert-Jan Edelenbosch, Project Coordinator Youth & Education at COC Netherlands. “Studies show that when teenagers receive sex education and can talk about sex freely, they are more likely to make responsible choices and start their sex life at a later age. They also become more aware of risks and develop personal boundaries, which is key to teenagers when it comes to sex”.


COC Netherlands (the chief LGBT organization in The Netherlands) and Schorer (the Dutch institute for homosexuality, health and well-being) want to empower youth to discuss sex. Role models are used in a peer-to-peer approach to initiate dialogue about safe sex, which is still an urgent issue. In The Netherlands, there are more diagnoses of HIV infections amongst gay men. Also, young gays are practicing safe sex less than before.

The videos were made possible by the Dutch Aids Foundation and Safe Service. They were directed by Sia Hermanides, Alieke van Saarloos, and Léonie de Boer. Collectively, they have made several short movies and are now working on a series in which a lesbian teenager is the main character.

Full access to video available at link below –

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